Blue Heron Fly Fishing — Conservation


We practice catch and release on all of our trips. Barbless hooks and rubber net bags are used for safe release of all fish. We will ask you to crush the barbs on any flies of your own that you use for the good of the fish as well as for the safety of your fishing partners. We carry a camera so you can have a photo of the great fish you just landed.

We will require on waters with illegally introduced species that those caught be dispatched where required by state biologists and regulations. We strongly feel that to protect our waters, we MUST be willing to remove unwanted invasive species. We will also ask that you be patient from time to time as we may need to stop and pick up litter carelessly left on the river by others that do not seem to care about our rivers as much as we do. We practice carry in – carry out on all of our trips.

Blue Heron Fly Fishing - Conservation